Mr p piggy chapter 12

Chapter 12 is the twelfth chapter of Piggy. The player and George Piggy follow Mr. Pas he mentions how foolish the player is, as to how he was when he tried to save his wife, he then cocks his gun as the round starts. By finishing and surviving both phases of the round, another cutscene plays where he thinks about his actions. George wants to hurt Mr.

Pbut the player prevents him from doing so.

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P makes a decision to continue fighting off the infected, this is where you can choose to go with either Mr. P or George. To determine which ending you get, you must decide either to go with George or to stay with Mr.

To get the good ending, the Player must choose any way to go with George to the exterior. When both the Player and George leave Mr. They notice the Player and George and congratulate them on their success and are happy. However, Pony then asks what they should do next.


George insists that they search for a cure, ending the cutscene and making the screen black for a second, possibly hinting that if a Piggy 2 gets made, it might be about finding a cure for the virus. To get the bad ending, the Player must wait for some seconds and not go with George outside to meet Zizzy and Pony. Instead, you need to walk up to Mr.

In this ending, the Player instead stays there and begs Mr. P to go with them, but Badgy appears behind the player and infects the Player with a green vile of radioactive material. Before Badgy infects you, you can hear his theme. To get the true ending, the player must first obtain all of the badges. Open the exit gate, but do not leave. Instead, look around for a purple car. Under the car is a picture of Mrs.

Take the picture and leave. Players who don't have all of the badges can not pick it up. It can only be picked up once, so be careful! Then, you must complete Plant and run up to Mr. In this ending, Mr. P tells about how the infection started. His wife, Ms. P, was sick with a virus, so Mr. P tried to search for a cure. He was creating Substance and tested it with the help of the Piggy Family. However, the researchers who helped him did not say it was fully safe yet.

At first, the test was successful, so Mr. P gave a potion to Ms. Later on, the Piggy Family soon turned infected and attacked everyone.Did you mean another page called Mr.

P is a humanoid potato that is half-cyborg. His entire left side is mostly artificial. His left arm is a shotgun, and his right eye is also robotic. He has 2 eyebrows above his left and right eye. His right arm is partly artificial. He serves as the secondary bot in Plant the other bot being Badgy. You obtain Mr. This wiki. This wiki All wikis.

mr p piggy chapter 12

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. P is a secret skin in Piggy, he can be obtained by getting the True Ending. Description Mr. Trivia He is the 2nd rarest skin in the game, the 1st rarest being Poley since he is now unobtainable. Despite being more common than Mr. Only players have obtained the True Ending and Mr. P as a skin He is the first skin that can be obtained from a non-event mission. He is the second skin to be obtainable by a mission, the first being Poley.

He is the only skin that uses the R15 rigs, while the rest use the R6 rigs. He, RobbyLisaand Pickle Rick are the only non-infected skins available.

Roblox chapter 12 piggy ending explained: ‘True ending’ remains an unsolved mystery!

He cannot be shot or knocked out by George Piggy as the bot. His KO animation doesn't show his head down and him in some form of 'dead' state but hands to his chin. For some reason, he plays no music if near.

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He levitates when selected on the ground. For some reason, when a player has him equipped and is chosen as the Piggy, they spawn in mid-air and die. However, being caught in infection with this skin on, they don't get killed in mid-air and works perfectly fine. This has made people complain to MiniToon and asking why they get killed in mid-air when he is equipped, it rarely happens as of the build mode update.

This is somewhat fixed if a player equips the teleporter traps. It also appears that the skin does not bug in the Carnival map. This has been attempted to be fixed multiple times. For some reason, when you jump while using the skin, the knees of the skin will open. Unlike the bot in the map, Mr. P as a skin cannot fire projectiles that stun players. P's killing animation does not have him making an angry cry or sound, instead, the sound of his gun loading and firing is played.

His Cyborg eye is similar to Robby's eye. This is currently the tallest skin in Piggy.Chapter 12 of Piggy starts with you and George following Mr P into the power plant — which is the map where this chapter takes place. Your goal is simple, find out what has been going on at the power plant, unlock all of the doors available and stop Mr P!

mr p piggy chapter 12

After saving Mr P from his evil-trance-like self, he decides that he will sacrifice himself in order to destroy as many of the infected monsters as he can. As you are talking to Mr P, an infected monster comes out of nowhere and gets you.

Outside you find that Zizzy and Pony have destroyed all of the infected monsters. You explain that Mr P is no longer a bad guy and the four of you form a new group. The last scene is the group heading out into the world and trying to find a cure for the infection. Poll time, what to do about the True Ending? Also, this'll probably be the last time I say this, but I don't have any social media accounts besides Twitter and Discord! Though, I may make some just so people know which ones are me!

If I do, I will tweet it here! Many gamers believe that this true ending would give us a lot more cutscenes and story that would set up the next stage of Piggy. Some think that it may have something to do with Bunny — who is infected in the metro. However, the honest truth is that nobody knows! In other news, Marvel's Avengers game: How do you get exotic gear?

How to unlock Elite Heroic Hive missions. Skip to content. Tom Llewellyn. This content could not be loaded. Have something to tell us about this article?P is a cameo character who makes hidden appearances in Piggy.

She is the wife of Mr.

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P Confirmed in Chapter 12, Plant. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Trivia She is mentioned by Mr. P in a note in the Metro as a sick loved one he was trying to save. There is a picture of her in the ending cutscene of Carnival.

A silhouette of her is seen in City. Her name is proven to be Ms. A picture of her is used as an item to give to hostile Mr. P in chapter 12, and in city you need to escape with it to get the true ending.

Despite appearing in a photo and her silhouette in City can be seen, she never appears throughout the entire game. It is confirmed that Ms. P is Mr. P 's wife in the beginning cut-scene of Plant and was mentioned at the end directly.

She is based off from Mademoiselle Potato from the Peppa Pig series.

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It is unknown if it will be a skin in the future. P is one of the characters to not be an animal.

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P revealed in the True Ending of Plant that he "let her go. It is a possibility that Ms. P will be the villain for Piggy book 2.Plant - Chapter 12 is the last chapter of Piggy. It was later released on May 24, Badgy is the main bot of the map. Along with that, Mr. P will help out the bot during both phases, as he will kill the player if they are too close to him. He is also able to shoot stunning bullets that home in on the target as well.

Roblox chapter 12 piggy ending explained: ‘True ending’ remains an unsolved mystery!

After getting the TNT and blowing up the Plant, the chapter will move on to its second phase. Hallucinations of Bunny and Doggy will begin in this phase, causing the player to get stunned if they accidentally walk into the hallucinations. The Plant is a circular complex with four walkways branching out from the circle.

The four walkways are coloured orange, blue, green and red each. The hallways lead to different areas, in which some are bigger than the rest. At the very center, there is a marking for the Player to place the dynamite in the first phase. The Plant turns into a combination of parts of past chapters, being Forest, School, Metro and Carnival. Note that not all past chapters appear in the second phase, contrary to popular belief. The cutscene begins with the player and George chasing Mr. Afterwards, Mr.

P has is enraged and decides to pursue them. This leads to the Player having to give something to Mr. P in order to stop him from his cruel ambitions. After stopping him, Mr. P reflects on his actions, while George wishes to attack him to avenge his infected family.

mr p piggy chapter 12

The Player then convinces him to stop, saying that if he hurts Mr. P, he is no better than him. Later, Mr. P says that he will fight off the remaining infected, which leaves the player to either go with George or to save Mr. P which will be decided at the end of the game. If the player decides to save Mr. Pthey will go up to him and try to help him, but end up getting hit by Badgy with a test tube. You then see your infected self standing over Mr. P's hat.

Plant - Chapter 12

If the player decides to leave the plant they will go back to the Outpost. During the daytime, it is revealed that Zizzy and Pony managed to defeat all the soldiers and thus, greet both the Player and George.This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. I need to get out of here.

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I've never seen anything like them before Am I safe from it? I'm now locked in this room with some crazy animal on the loose. What happened? Doggy's been missing for weeks The test will begin shortly. Hopefully it goes well. The youngest was absent during the tests. P has graciously donated much to help research a cure.

He insists that we test it as soon as possible. I need to help her. Any way I can. Patient has been restoring strength, but also displaying signs of aggression. A cure. I'll give her anything. I need her to feel better. I'll start with my closest friends. I hope he's safe Let's hope all goes well.Did you mean another page called Mr.

P is the formerly supposed primary antagonist in Piggy. P used to be a protagonist before his "betrayal"-or so it seemed-to the Player.

He can be equipped as a skin after completing Piggy's True Ending. He is first heard from in the Forest ending cutscene, as a message in a walkie talkie. He is then seen in person in the ending of School and is not seen in person until the Outpost cutscene where his appearance drastically changes. Though he does not have any intentional plans of evil, he is seen as an antagonist from Metro and onwards due to his relationship with the potions and the infection, though this changes during his final appearances within the 1st chapter Distorted Memory can be found here.

His last appearance is in the final cut scene within the Plant. Where he is confronted after being defeated by George Piggy and the Player.

After being defeated, he snaps out of his dilemma and explains how he turned into a cyborg and why he "betrayed" the player back in Chapter 6he explains that the doctors back at the hospital tried to help him by making him a cyborg, but it never truly helped him, he also said he thought the player was long gone, so he left the hospital after being patched up. His explanation is completely different when you obtained the true ending. He explains that his wife, Ms.

Pwas suffering from a disease, and so of course, he wanted to cure it and save his wife. He created the potion in hopes of saving his wife. He was unsure if it could've helped her or made her worse, so the Piggy family PennyMotherand Father Pig volunteered to help him.

Everyone in the family had come, everyone except George Piggy. The potion made them stronger, full of vitality, excited that the potion would cure Ms. P, he gave it to her. As soon as that happened, the Piggy family became hostile, then explaining that the last time he saw her she had red eyes, and eventually, Ms.

P also became hostile, forcing Mr. P to make a decision, to put her down or let her go. He let Ms. P go, as he didn't have the strength to do so. He tried to make a cure for the infection, but it failed. He also explains Bunny 's infection and a slightly more detailed explanation of why he abandoned the two. P then begins to attempt to fix his wrongs by fighting off the infected to buy enough time for George and the player to escape.

He was never seen again, as his hat his left behind in the credits. However, his hat is gone at the end of the credits if you have obtained the true ending. In Chapter 5Mr. P looks like a potato with a simple mustache and has a big red smile.

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